Our work focuses on our customers, who value our efforts and are the reason our company exists. Earning the trust of our customers should be a personal attitude in every Moventia employee. 


We are committed to a constant search for new ways to work that enable us to be more efficient and effective internally while also improving the service to our customers. 


Respect for nature and environmental conservation is a fundamental part of our organisation. 


We value a proactive attitude in all our employees. People with ideas who aware of and concerned for the needs of customers and the organisation are the ones we want to drive Moventia. 


We are a company with a clear vocation to service at which honesty and trust is essential, whether between company and customers or between our partners themselves. 


We are committed to the society around us and we are attentive to their needs. 


The mission and values of our business group stem directly from those of our family:
To respond to the mobility needs of people and organisations based on a comprehensive offer and extensive experience in the automotive industry to anticipate new habits and incorporate innovative and sustainable technologies.


Moventia is a family business that was set up in 1923. Throughout its long history, it has been responding to the mobility needs of people and organisations.

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